Hurghada weather ,Sharm el-Sheikh Egypt & Climate in Soma bay Makadi bay El Gouna from January to December

Hurghada weather -In this article, we will learn about the weather in Hurghada, Egypt, and how the climate is in Soma Rabay Bay, Makadi Bay Bay and El Gouna Resort, starting from January to December, the water temperature in Hurghada, and temperatures in Makadi Resort, El Gouna, and Sahl Hasheesh.

  • How is the weather in Hurghada during January & Hurghada weather in February Red Sea Egypt
    How warm is Hurghada in February? What is the water temperature in Hurghada? The effect of wind speed in the Red Sea on marine activities, diving trips and islands in the Red Sea in Egypt
    When does the sun rise and what is the date of sunset in Egypt Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, Makadi Bay Bay, Soma Bay Bay, Sahl Hasheesh, El Gouna in Hurghada and Safaga
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  • The weather in Hurghada, Egypt
    The weather in Hurghada in January:
    – January, one of the winter months in Egypt, offers the perfect conditions for day trips and all water sports with its pleasant temperatures and bright sunshine. The Red Sea in Egypt, which warms up by summer, still provides pleasant temperatures for snorkeling and diving. It is possible to sunbathe on the beach during the day, but the beach should be avoided in the evening. It’s cold now. Outfitted with a light jacket but perfect for an evening walk.
  • Sunrise in Hurghada: 6:30
  • Sunset in Hurghada around: 17:10
  • Daytime temperature in Hurghada: 24 ° C
  • Night temperatures in Hurghada: 11 degrees Celsius
  • Rain intensity: 1 day per month
  • Water temperature in Hurghada: 22 ° C

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  • Hurghada weather in February:
    The mild climate in February, with daily temperatures reaching 24 degrees, makes Hurghada an excellent holiday destination for sightseeing and leisure holidays. Discover the attractions of Egypt with one of the many excursion packages from Hurghada. How about a Luxor day tour from Hurghada during your stay? Relax in one of Egypt’s many luxury hotels in Hurghada and pamper yourself in the spa area in the evening when the weather is cool. Pack light, windproof clothing for the evening!

Sunrise in Hurghada is around: 6:20

Sunset in Hurghada approximately: 17:55

Daily temperature: 24°C

Night temperature: 10°C

Rain intensity: max 1 day per month

Water temperature in Hurghada: 21 ° C

  • The weather in Hurghada, one of the most popular tourist centers in Egypt, allows you to spend an excellent sunny vacation all year round.

The unique location of Hurghada’s tourist center between the Red Sea and the desert offers the possibility of doing many different holiday activities with its subtropical climate.

Such as a variety of water sports: diving in Hurghada, snorkeling, paragliding, as well as a variety of day tours: desert safari in Hurghada, city tours: Valley of the Kings, Luxor, Cairo and Alexandria from Hurghada, just to name a few examples.

Hurghada weather

  • Hurghada’s climate in March:
    The sunny temperatures of March invite you to spend a few hours on the beach and enjoy the clear waters of the Red Sea and make it a suitable month to participate in a wide range of indoor tours to get to know the sights of Egypt. What is a beach holiday in Hurghada without seeing one of the landmarks of Egypt, the Pyramids of Giza? March in Hurghada is also suitable for a safari tour in the Hurghada desert. Enjoy the starry sky in the desert in a Bedouin village, but don’t forget your jacket, it will still be cool in the evening.

Sunrise in Hurghada is around: 5:50

Sunset in Hurghada at about: 17:50

Temperatures in Hurghada: 25 degrees Celsius

Night temperature: 12°C

Rain intensity: zero

Water temperature in Hurghada: 22 ° C

  • Weather in April:
    Temperatures are slowly rising and inviting you to stay longer on the most beautiful beaches of Hurghada. The hours of sunshine are increasing and the cool evenings are over. Now is the time to relax in the sun and relax in the cafés in the evening. Choose one of the boat trips from Hurghada, relax on the deck or book one of the diving trips: Coral Reef Red Sea.
  • The maximum temperatures in April reach 27°C at the beginning of the month and rise to 31°C at the end of the month. At night, the temperature drops slightly, dropping from 27 to 21 ° C.

Sunrise in Marsa Alam around: 5:20

Sunset in Marsa Alam around 18:10

Daily temperature: 28°C

Night temperature: 17°C

Rain intensity: zero

Water temperature in Marsa Alam: 23 ° C

Hurghada weather in June:

Temperatures rise in June. We are now in Egyptian daylight saving time. Due to the dry desert climate, which influences the climate in the city of Hurghada on the Red Sea, the temperatures are bearable. But now it’s time to avoid the sun during the midday hours, since the UV rays are very effective, so find a shady spot, apply sunscreen and don’t forget: drink a lot!

Sunrise in Hurghada around: 4:50

Sunset in Hurghada around: 18:40

Daily temperature: 34° C

Night temperature: 24°C

Rain intensity: zero

Water temperature in Hurghada: 29° C

What’s the weather like in Hurghada in September?

Hurghada is a popular beach resort in Egypt, along the coast of the Red Sea. With a subtropical desert climate, Hurghada is warm all year round. September is especially hot with high temperatures, lots of sunshine and virtually no rain. If you want to relax on the beach and swim in the crystal clear waters while avoiding the peak season crowds, this is a great time of year to visit.


In September, temperatures are still very hot in Hurghada with an average of 28°C and highs of a sweltering 33°C. If you go on holiday to Hurghada this month, you’ll need to wear lots of sun cream, seek shade and stay hydrated during the day. After dark, temperatures drop only slightly to 24°C, so you’ll be grateful for air conditioning at night. The Red Sea is a balmy 27°C at this time of year, perfect for snorkelling and scuba diving.

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Hurghada weather Egypt & Climate in Soma bay Makadi bay El Gouna from January to December
Hurghada weather Egypt & Climate in Soma bay Makadi bay El Gouna from January to December