Egypt Diving- Scuba Diving Safety Gear for experienced diver

Egypt Diving- In this article, we will learn about the diving equipment needed for the safety of experienced divers when diving in Egypt and the Red Sea | What to bring before starting a diving trip in Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Marsa Alam, Taba and Dahab

As an experienced scuba diver diving in Egypt, it’s important to ensure that you have the following safety gear:

Dive Computer: Helps you track your depth and time underwater, alerting you when it’s time to resurface.

Dive Torch: Essential for exploring the underwater caves and crevices.

Regulator and Alternate Air Source: Ensure you have backup air in case of an emergency.

Full Wetsuit: Protection against the cold, sun, and marine life.

Weight Belt and BCD: To help you control your buoyancy underwater.

Dive Knife: For cutting through ropes and lines.

Dive Watch or Timer: Keeps track of dive time and surface interval.

Signaling Devices: Whistle, SMB or Surface Marker Buoy, and a safety sausage.

Divers Insurance: Coverage for dive-related accidents and illnesses.

Additionally, ensure that your dive equipment is well-maintained, and that you are familiar with its use. Before each dive, conduct a buddy check to ensure you and your dive partner’s gear is working properly.

DIVING FROM Marsa Alam: Marsa Mubarak Snorkeling /the diving equipment
diving in Egypt and the Red Sea | diving trip in Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Marsa Alam, Taba and Dahab

Indeed, any professional and experienced diver in his remarkable profession must know that he must be convinced of the number of pieces of amber while diving, because this experienced diver is not only limited to the basic equipment and devices that any diver can have for this purpose of entertainment, the diving bag contains These have more pieces inside.

So, in this article, our goal is to take a look at the most important and most popular safety gear, as well as the latest safety gear that you should own while diving in the market today.

Safe scuba diving equipment for experienced divers when diving in Egypt
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Air Reserve 300. Backup Diver Parachute

We now begin our conversation with one of the most important aspects of safety while diving, which is the diver’s backup parachute, which is one of the most indispensable equipment for any diver who cares a lot about his underwater safety.

This spare parachute comes with approximately 3 cubic feet of breathing gas and can be approximately 300 inches long by 13.4 inches in diameter and 2.25 inches in diameter. Being underwater means easy installation and use.

Since all you have to do is if your sink is draining, you remove the regulator completely and use it and you are good to go.

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600 air spare parts

The second is with us in the safety and security equipment when diving, which is known as air spare parts. It comes with 6 cubic feet of breathing gas to make it easier for you to breathe without worry at all. You can also get it nearly twice as wide as the 300 in a package of the same length and still only 3.25 inches in diameter.

Like any other Spear Air model, it’s an easy to fill device that can be filled completely from any tank around you to dive and can be refilled with the included adapter meaning you don’t need any extra tools, but most importantly, it’s safe to dive right in when empty It cannot cause any problem at all.

Egypt Diving

SPARE AIR SPARE XTREME 6. Mini snorkel system

The third tool for safety and security while diving is the mini snorkel system, this mini snorkeling system uses the Snorkelator, a special and new type of modern technology that could have been patented because it was able to combine the two dives. The tube and any other diving regulator are there so you can finally switch between surface air and compressed gas with just one click.

This dredger is also very lightweight, which makes it very useful for working and diving in shallow water safely, and can also be used when divers are serving both boats and ships in the water or even as they like. Crabs are caught while diving in Ras Mohammed.

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