Old Cairo was originally the seed of the modern city of Cairo now where the most remarkable sightseeing spots are located. First settlements started in Old Cairo 2000 years ago were the beginning of an ancient canal that took place between the Nile River and the Red Sea. Although the water of the Nile has receded, Old Cairo is still the home location for astonishing historical sites now. Many of the sites date back to the Greco-Roman period with the Coptic Cairo sightseeings. Babylon fortress was constructed at this site that was considered the boundary between Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt at that time.

Here are some of the most remarkable spots to explore in Old Cairo:

1-Al-Muizz Al-Deen Allah Street :

If you are looking for experiencing both the history of Islamic Cairo and the modern buildings alongside the ancient landmarks, then Al-Muizz street is the best place to visit.

2-Salah El-Din Citadel

During military campaigns, Salah El-Din was able to take on leading duties, and that’s because of his extraordinary success during wars. Through his great abilities and cleverly executed tactics, he was also able to move on from being a soldier to be the King of both Egypt and Syria. His power allowed him to overthrow the Fatimids in Egypt and retain authority.

The centerpiece of these great fortifications was the Citadel, which defended the city from the heights of the rocky hills that overlooked it. Saladin’s Citadel, completed in 1183 AD, served as the seat of government in Egypt for 700 years until, in the 1870s, Khedive Ismail moved into Abdeen Palace.

The Citadel was expanded by many rulers after it was originally a fortress against the crusaders. The Citadel also was the centerpiece that was used to protect the city from the heights of hills that overlooked it. The Citadel also was the seat of the Egyptian government for 700 years. The place of government changed when Khedive Ismail moved to Abdeen Palace in downtown Cairo in 1870.

3-The Coptic Museum in Cairo

Coptic Cairo is an outstanding area within the area of Old Cairo that you shouldn’t miss visiting. The area of Coptic Cairo has several Christian churches and other beautiful sites that date back to the period between the decline of the pharaonic religion and the Islamic Period. Coptic Cairo was mainly built around the Babylon fort on the remains of its walls.

The Coptic Museum houses a unique collection of artifacts and artwork dating back to the history of Coptic Egypt and is considered the largest collection of Coptic Christian artifacts in the world. The museum is considered an exhibition of the history of Christianity in Egypt.

4-Amr Ibn Al Aas Mosque

Amr Ibn Al-Aas was one of the most important figures in Egyptian history as he was the one to introduce Islam to Egypt. He founded the city of Fustat, located north of the Babylon fort. Amr Ibn Al-Aas mosque is still a remarkable building on the site of Fustat city. None of the mosque’s original structure remains today as the mosque was renovated many times. But still, the Amr Ibn Al-Aas mosque is the oldest in Egypt and Africa.