A trip to Mahmya Island in Hurghada is without a doubt a truly unique adventure trip. It is famous for being the most popular spot for arranging the best snorkeling. Mahmya Island is part of the Giftun Island National Park and it takes only an hour from your hotel in Hurghada to reach it. It is a must-see in Hurghada, and you should not leave the city without taking a day tour to that magnificent snorkeling spot.

Mahmya Island is famous for its magical crystal waters and white sandy beaches where visitors can enjoy the best swimming and snorkeling tours. In order to start an unforgettable trip, you need to get on a Mahmya sailing boat, and it usually takes one hour to reach the amazing Mahmya Island. You have the best chance to see the most charming dolphins on your way to Mahmya, and upon your arrival, you will be absolutely free to enjoy the incredible Mahmya music while doing some swimming, snorkeling, or just enjoying a free day on your own doing the water activities you love the most, like sand soccer.

The lunch meal is usually served in the open air in one of the fantastic seaside restaurants in the area that serve dozens of oriental and European dishes that suit all of the family members, from children to the elderly. The word “Mahmya” means “A Protected Area”, and the spot we have today should definitely be a protected area for the incredible coral reefs, types of fish, dolphins, and swimming and snorkeling spots it contains. You will also be able to rent glass-bottomed boats to explore the beautiful underwater world without even getting wet. Is there anything in the world more fantastic than that?

The tropical allure of the Red Sea is blessed with heavenly natural wonders such as this magical island, which can be explored through our Hurghada excursions.