Tips when meeting dolphins in Hurghada, Marsa Alam Egypt & swim with dolphins hurghada, Marsa Alam Egypt  For the First Time.

Welcome to the Hurghada Excursion website. In this article, we will solve important tips for how to properly deal with dolphins when we Swimming with Dolphin in the Red Sea. If you visit one of the Egyptian resorts such as Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh or Marsa Alam, it is very natural to meet dolphins in the open sea when Take any cruise, especially north of Hurghada near the resort of El Gouna, and is it allowed to touch or feed dolphins according to Egyptian law-swim with dolphins hurghada

Dolphin House in Marsa Alam/Tips when meeting dolphins in Hurghada, Marsa Alam Egypt & Swimming with Dolphin For the First Time.swim with dolphins hurghada
swim with dolphins hurghada

Dolphin House in Marsa Alam/Tips when meeting dolphins in Hurghada, Marsa Alam Egypt & Swimming with Dolphin For the First Time.

swim with dolphins hurghada, Marsa Alam Egypt

  • It is fun to see a dolphin smiling or even spraying water with a fin or a tail, but unfortunately, this reaction is often misinterpreted so instead of expressing how much fun you are feeling, you should understand that this is a sign A warning in the world of the dolphin community indicates that they feel some threat.
  • Never start feeding dolphins, because the law in Egypt prohibits feeding any aquatic animal; Because this can reduce the ability of this animal to continue to survive, because it has become completely dependent on the nutrition of that human.
  • Do not try to touch the dolphins. Touching those dolphins can be a quick way to transmit disease; some types of fungal and viral diseases can be transmitted in both directions, either to humans or the dolphin.
  • Don’t try to track dolphins. If a group of dolphin species exist or even one of those individuals has started to swim away from you, then know that they are not in a mood or social status; They may also need a little rest.
  • One of the common mistakes that some people make is making noise, such as whistling or making some annoying noises to attract dolphins. Also, that loud noise can be very disturbing to the life of dolphins; It can also increase their stress levels and make them anxious or feel threatened.
  • If you have met a dolphin in the water, do not start swimming directly towards it; But you have to swim parallel to them, and if they want to play they will start getting close to you.
  • Finally, you have to start encouraging others as well to be a creditor of dolphin life.

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Tips when meeting dolphins -swim with dolphins hurghada, Marsa Alam 

In the end, watching dolphins in the waters of the Red Sea is very acrobatic and funny, but when you are lucky enough, you can also start hearing them as they communicate with each other underwater.

You can also hear the sound of some of these dolphins in the waters of the Red Sea as they communicate with each other, they do these steps by making annoying and high-pitched clicking or whistling sounds.

The Red Sea always has something unique in store for you. You also have a very real and really wonderful opportunity to watch those spinner dolphins and start swimming and dancing with them, experience snorkeling and seeing these wonderful creatures while swimming and seeing them flaunt in the Red Sea inside their natural environment is a truly unforgettable experience.

And because these lovable beings are very curious by nature, so they get very close to you, sometimes even within walking distance of you.

You will always notice that they protect their young with care and a mother of spinners dolphins never loses sight of her baby, and a mother always tries to keep her safe gently and gently under her fins.

Try to start enjoying the spinner dolphins in the waters of the Red Sea by playing, licking and licking, but make it passive, i.e. always keep a respectful distance and then let the dolphins decide to play with you on their own. At that time, the dolphins will see you as one of their best friends, if you leave them in peace.

Also, the dolphins of the Red Sea in Egypt are very intelligent, rather agile, fragile and also very sensitive, but they are originally wild animals that do not forget that.

So you can never have their backs under your control or even try to direct their play and their presence in front of you just to entertain you. So please keep in mind that not all dolphins are pets who can appear on demand or order and do whatever they want.

Never be surprised if you suddenly see red sea dolphins around you, just relax because they will come and go on you. You are also kindly requested to take into account the following when you meet the Red Sea dolphins in the shores of Egypt:

  • You must wear one of the life jackets provided on your boat.
  • Begin swimming gently and bend your arms or sides.
  • Don’t try to chase or even touch the dolphins.
  • Do not try snorkeling in the dolphin area.
  • Do not wear any kind of jewellery.
  • Never try to catch them.
  • Do not try to lock them between you and one of your colleagues.

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What do dolphins eat – Tips when meeting dolphins?

Dolphins can eat a variety of fish, squid, and sometimes octopus. They also seem to depend on everything available and can be eaten in abundance, so their diet is completely different depending on the location in which they are located or the season.

Most of the time they search for their food starting a little after dawn or they start a little before sunset.

Bottlenose dolphins like to eat between 8 and 15 kg of different types of fish per day.

Dolphins also like to catch different types of fish collectively, by using a variety of different tactics, including “coral” fish, for example, where they start chasing fish in shallow waters and thus facilitate the process of fishing. They can also begin by using their hearing to locate prey with echo, which is a clicking sound they make and then produce a back-resonance effect when the echo hits any object or prey, so you can locate fish in nearby shallow water.

What is the biggest threat to dolphins?

Did you know that humans are the biggest threat to dolphins? It is estimated that in the last 50 years as many as 30 million dolphins may have been unintentionally caught in fishing nets. Once trapped, they become unable to surface to breathe.

Environmental pollution and overfishing have also reduced the numbers of fish that dolphins depend on for their survival.

Dolphins are also hunted because of their nutritional value. In Japan, some types of dolphin meat can be worth up to $50 a kilo. Other fishermen catch dolphins simply because they don’t

want the dolphins to eat the fish, which can reduce their catch and profits.

swim with dolphins hurghada

How smart are dolphins?

Dolphins are very intelligent aquatic animals, and they live in highly cohesive social groups called pods.

It is also considered one of the most nimble and intelligent animals in the world, but it is very difficult to compare its intelligence with other types of animals with very different and high capacities of senses and abilities.

It is also known that many species of dolphins can use tools and play with them, for example, the Indian dolphins with Pacific dolphins most of the time cover their noses with sponges during the search for food.

The brain size of a dolphin is much larger than that of a human brain. When dolphins reach 18 months of age, a glass dolphin’s brain lobe may be close to and sometimes more than 80% of the true mass of an adult human brain. But with great regret, due to the great intelligence of dolphins, the US Navy used dolphins in order to try to recover mines so that they could be used in military operations in Vietnam and the Arab Gulf countries.

Are dolphins always HETEROSEXUAL?

The truth is no, there are many examples that have been identified of dolphins having sex with gay dolphins not only that, but even sex with different types of dolphins from other species.

Tips when meeting dolphins in Hurghada, Marsa Alam Egypt
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