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Safari Sahara hurghada | Hurghada Jeep Safari trip | Mega ATV Quad Bike in Hurghada Desert Safari Egypt

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safari sahara hurghada | Sahara Bedouin Village, 7hr Super Mega ATV Quad BikeIn the desert of Hurghada egypt   | BBQ DinnerOriental Show | Camel Ride and more Hurghada Excursions.

safari sahara hurghada– begins at your hotel in hurghada, where will wait for you in front of the hotel hurgada at 12:00 pm, a 4x4WD Jeep car “8 people only”  then proceed to the safari station in Hurghada, then start wearing a Safety helmet, Scarf, Protective goggles , The Instructor will explain the rules of driving a quad bike off-road in the desert and all the safety and security tips during the trip, about the Jeep Safari Hurghada Trip program and how to drive Quad bike through the desert.


– Choose from over 50 offers of boat trips and historical excursions in Hurghada


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safari sahara hurghada -Details



What Super safari sahara hurghada Included:

Hurghada: Safai, Quad, Jeep, Buggy, Camel & BBQ

  • Transfer Pickup from your Hotel in Hurghada by 4x4WD Jeep car.
  • Local guide
  • Use of helmet.
  • 45 min Riding Quad biking.
  • 20 min Riding spider car.
  • Visiting a Bedouin village, getting to know the way of life of the settlement
  • Trying bedouin bread
  • Riding camels
  • BBQ Open Buffet Dinner
  • Soft drinks Mineral water / Bedouin Tea.
  • Back to your hotel in hurghada by jeep


Super Mega ATV trip and jeep safari Hurghada :

Enjoy the adventure of safari in the desert of Hurghada for 7 hours by jeeps, quad bikes and desert spider cars to visit the Bedouin village, and get to know the Bedouin life in the afternoon. It is really a safari full of excitement and fun in the desert of Egypt

Ride a quad bike for 45 minutes in the best trips in Hurghada. Have Bedouin tea during the Bedouin party, then have a beautiful dinner after watching the most beautiful sunset views across the Red Sea mountain range, plateaus and sand dunes.

While the Bedouin man grills delicious food, you will enjoy the romantic candlelight style atmosphere in the Egyptian desert. After sunset the open buffet dinner will be ready. Exquisite Egyptian dishes. Grilled chicken and kofta (beef), many kinds of Egyptian vegetables, green salad with tomatoes with cheese and tahina ( sesame), rice, noodles, with soft drinks, water and Coca-Cola.

Watching the stars in the darkness of the desert sky far from the luminous polluted city of Hurghada, after turning through telescopes to monitor the planets and the stars may be clear that night.


Super Mega ATV trip and jeep safari in Hurghada
Super Mega ATV trip and jeep safari in Hurghada

safari sahara hurghada Bedouin Desert Safari by Jeep 4×4:

quad bike safari hurghada/

  • Start your adventure by Riding A Quad Bike for 45 minutes, then returning to riding Spider car for 20 minutes, then relaxing a little and drinking water, then riding a 4x4WD Jeep car, heading to the sand mountain, stopping for 15 minutes, climbing the sand dunes and seeing the Red Sea Mountains from above.
  • You arrive at the Bedouin village and learn about the natural Bedouin lifestyle, drink the Bedouin Tea, then see how to make bread, then ride camels for a small tour, take pictures from the top of the hills, and visit the house of reptiles and desert animals such as snakes and foxes.
  • Enjoy watching the sunset through the mountains, then go to the special BBQ dinner “open buffet”, watch and enjoy the evening party  “oriental show”of belly dancing and Tanoura dance, then drive back to the hotel.

Booking Cheap Price Hurghada Jeep Safari Trip with Private Transfer from Hurghada Hotel, EL Gouna, Makadi Bay, Soma Bay, Sahl Hasheesh, Safaga.

Compare and Choose Your Mega Safari Hurghada Trip According to Budget, and More with Free Gifts for A VIP Pharaonic Statue for Each Person and Special Gifts for Children and more things to do in hurghada town.

Discover Desert Safari Egypt, Egypt Tours 2022 & Things to Do in Egypt with Best Egypt Tour Operator.


Mega Safari Hurghada Trip 
Mega Safari Hurghada Trip

What Jeep safari sahara hurghada Trip Not Included 

  • Tipping “Guide Gratuity”
  • Scarf, Safety Glasses for Dust.
  • Photography & Photos for the trip.

Jeep Safari Hurghada Tour Advise:

  • Can Take Camera and also Your Mobile.
  • Get Comfortable shoes.
  • Remember to bring Hat, Sunglasses and Sun creams.
  • Wear sports clothes and shoes for an adventure in the desert.
  • Get Your Passport or ID card.
  • You can take the children with you on the Quad Bike according to the instructions of the tour guide to preserve your safety and the safety of your child.


Jeep Safari Hurghada Trip 
Jeep Safari Hurghada Trip


Why choose to book safari sahara hurghada Trip with us?

  • Jeep Safari Trip reservations are made daily and all trips are daily.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Professional in dealing.
  • Our goal is for you to enjoy the Mega Safari Hurghada Trip, not money, and we deal and help as one family.
  • Adherence to tourism quality standards and other.

safari sahara hurghada Trip price :

safari hurghada price = 25 $ per person.

Safari Hurghada Egypt Tour Availability: Everyday.

Special price for Family And Group.

Reserve Now & Pay Later:

You can pay the costs of the trip during the time of the Safari Tour Hurghada to the Guide.

Payment or Cash by Egyptian pounds, dollars, euros or pounds sterling.

Free Cancellation:

Cancel Desert Quad Bike ATV hurghada Trip up to 3 hours in advance.

Reservation can be canceled in advance at any time, our goal is your comfort and enjoyment of your time in Desert Egypt.

  the Sahara on a jeep safari sahara hurghada.

  Hotel Pickup and Drop-Off:

Duration quad safari hurghada egypt Trip: 07 hours

Pick Up Time From 12:00 p.M.

Pick off Time: 19:00 P.M.

  • Jeep safari trip hurghada Trip is available from hotels in Hurghada, El Gouna , Makadi bay, Sahl Hasheesh and Soma bay.
  • Transport by 4x4WD Jeep car.
  • You will be contacted by Sales with your exact pickup Hurghada Jeep Safari Trip details from Hotel Lobby or Waiting from Gate Hotel and check also 7hr Super Safari Dune Buggy Tour Hurghada
  • Transportation from El Gouna, Makadi Bay, Soma Bay, Sahl Hasheesh extra charge 10$ per person.
Hurghada Desert Safari 

Safari Hurghada Jeep Desert tour Program Details:

12:00 P.M.

Picked Up from Your Hotel by 4x4WD Jeep car.

Enjoy watching the desert plains and Hurghada desert mountains along the way while riding the jeep.

12:45 P.M.

Arrival at the Quad bike station in Hurghada and quad biking  .

The Instructor will explain the rules of driving a quad bike off-road in the desert and all the safety and security tips during the trip.

13:00 P.M.

45 min Riding Quad biking.

20 min Riding spider car.

14:30 P.M.

  • Arrival to the Bedouin village
  • Drink Bedouin tea and mineral water
  • Camel Ride
  • Eat bread and more
  • Learn about Bedouin life from the tour leader
  • Take pictures

6:00 PM

BBQ Open Buffet Dinner

An oriental show party, „Belly Dance and the Art of Tanoura Dance”, the famous Egyptian
You can take pictures with your mobile phone. Share with party members and tourists and enjoy your time by dancing and singing

An open buffet dinner of delicious Egyptian meals, salads, vegetables, meat, grilled kofta, chicken, soft drinks and mineral water for free.

Enjoy the Egyptian fruit salad of oranges, dates, pasta, rice and more Egyptian oriental dishes, while watching the evening party.

Go to high-quality bathrooms to clean your clothes after the Bedouin trip with the presence of sanitizers.

19:00 P.M.

Return to your Hotel in hurghada by 4x4WD Jeep car.



Check our Quad Bike ATV Safari Hurghada Trip Reviews Hurghada Travel Agency in Our Account Google map.

  booking sahara desert:

Booking Cheap Price Mega safari sahara hurghada from Makadi bay

Yes We have, Transfer by a 4x4WD Jeep car  to safari trip in the desert hurgada with an addition of 15$ per person.

Booking Cheap Price Super safari sahara hurghadaTour from Soma bay

Yes We have offer, Transfer by a 4x4WD Jeep car to safari trip in the desert hurgada with an addition of 15$ per person.

Booking Cheap Price Jeep Safari HurghadaTrip from EL Gouna

Yes We offer, Transfer by a 4x4WD Jeep car to safari trip in the desert hurgada  with an addition of 10$ per person.

Booking Cheap Price safari sahara hurghada  trips from Sahl Hasheesh

Yes We have Transfer by a 4x4WD Jeep car to safari trip in the desert hurgada with an addition of 10$ per person.

Booking Cheap Price Super safari hurghada Quad Bike ATV Trip from Safaga

Yes We offer, Transfer by a 4x4WD Jeep car to safari trip in the desert hurgada  with an addition of 20$ per person.

Prices for Jeep Safari Trip for Children:

  • From 6 years old to 10 years old = 50% Discount.
  • Over 10 years old is Adult.
  • From 1 year old to 5 years old is free
Super Mega ATV & Hurghada Jeep Safari Trip

Covid-19 precautions – Desert Jeep Safari Trip  Excursion from Hurghada:

  • We provide Special health and safety measures.
  • We provide Special health a disinfectant for everyone.

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Bedouin Village

Bedouin Village
How is the life of the Bedouins in the desert?

Bedouin Village

How is the life of the Bedouins in the desert?

Bedouins depend to determine directions in the desert by relying on the stars at night and the direction of the sun’s rays during the day. The Bedouins live a very difficult life as a result of wind and sand and the absence of dams, in addition to the constant movement from one place to another in search of a source of food and water.

The Bedouins depend on raising livestock, camels, goats and sheep to obtain milk and meat to prepare lunch and dinner meals by direct grilling over the fire.

What do Bedouins eat?

Bedouin bread consisting of milk and water is one of the daily food ingredients in addition to goat and sheep meat. There are some meals such as dumplings, cooking wheat grains, mixing them with sheets of saj bread, and making cheese from the milk of cattle and camels.

How are the homes of the Bedouins?

The Bedouins live in tents made of fabrics and wood with narrow spaces.

Camels are considered the only means of transportation for the Bedouin people and the source of food from milk, meat and leather for the manufacture of heavy clothing.

There are Bedouin tribes who use falcons to hunt birds and hares to feed and obtain meat and sometimes to communicate messages between the tribes.



 Bedouin culture and traditions

Each member of the tribe contributes to certain tasks, men do hunting, trade and protection, and women raise children and prepare food.

Only the people of the tribe marry, and marriages from outside the tribes are seldom.

The Bedouin man is distinguished for his hospitality, welcomes guests, and takes care of family unity.

What are the animals that live in the desert?

  • the turtle
  • Camel
  • Serpent
  • chameleon

Types of camels in Egypt?

  • camels Zubaidi camel breed
  • Camels of the Ashab breed
  • Al-Dailiya Al-Rashaidi camel
  • Dahasiriya camel




hurghada atv safari


About the Camel Market:

Many Egyptians and traders from all strata of society trade for safe and relatively cheap healthy meat especially after the spread of diseases such as bird flu to the Birgash Camel Market is the largest camel market in Egypt, 35 kilometers northwest of Cairo Egypt, on the edge of the Western Desert, exposing camels to diminishing In Cairo and the neighboring Egyptian governorates. Cairo is the Egyptian capital and the largest city in Egypt near the Egyptian desert and the Red Sea, as well as foreign tourists from all over the world. The world comes to this famous market, because they are keen to see the pharaonic monuments to see the largest gathering of camels (the ship of the desert).

 Is it worth your visit in Egypt ? How much is a camel worth?

The camel market in Egypt is held in the city of Cairo at dawn on Friday morning, where the camel market contains hundreds of camels that walked through the shifting sands from Libya, Sudan, Somalia and Aswan only until they end up transporting tourists to the pyramids or swinging in the desert of Egypt. Or take advantage of camel meat for feeding Cheap and useful.

The camels arrive at the Egyptian in herds that start their journey from (Omdurman) in Sudan, where Egypt imports about 90% of camels from Sudan, and the remaining 10% from Somalia. The camel caravan usually comes to the market, and includes a hundred teams of experts led by priests, and the journey begins from northern Sudan to travel about 1,500 km in the desert between Egypt and Sudan through the city of Marsa Alam, then Porto Ghalib and the city of Al-Qusair and then through the city of Safaga, Soma Bay and Makadi, and finally through Hurghada, which is closest to Cairo, and it lasts a whole month and follows the same road that he used. Caravans through hundreds of years. They also said that they are guided by the stars by night and oases and trees by day. The camel trade is very profitable, because its price is very reasonable compared to the high prices of other meat, such as cows, buffaloes and sheep. Camel meat is healthy, safe and free from any diseases or epidemics like other types of meat.


Types of camels In the desert of Hurghada Egypt

There are many types of camels, but the most famous of them is called (Al-Bashari), but there are other types such as: Al-Zamakli, Al-Nafi, etc. Its price ranges from 10,000 to 1,500 camels, depending on supply and demand. Camels have been used in several places in the world including the United States, where the idea of ​​President Jefferson came in 1855 when the military needed transportation between military centers in Texas and the Pacific coast, after President Jefferson studied the similarities between South and West America They were able to obtain congressional approval and imported about 300 camels from Egypt. They did their job well until the American Civil War ended and the camels were replaced by railroads. Finally, do you know how much a camel is in Egypt?! A single camel can be bought for 200-400 USD at Birgash Market, but at the Pyramids of Giza it is an easy 30 minute ride and should not cost you more than at least 6 USD in theory.


  • What will bring ?
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • Water
  • A hat
  • Money
  • Photo equipment
  • Scarf


  • Pich up & drop off
  • Driving Quad bike 45 Minutes
  • Professional safari guide
  • 1 Bottle of mineral water
  • Bedouin tea
  • Helmet
  • Spider car 20 minutes driving
  • visiting Bedouin village (camel ride & donkey ride & Horse ride )
  • DVD & CD
  • Scarf
  • Sunglasses
  • goggles
  • Round Trip Transfer from (Makadi, Sahel Hashish, El Gouna, ) Hotels extra charge 5 € per person.
  • Round Trip Transfer from (Safaga, Soma Bay) Hotels extra charge 10 € per person.


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