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Super Safari in Hurghada 7 Hours | Cheap Prices hurghada excursions

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7 hours


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30 people


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Unleash Your Inner Explorer: Hurghada’s 7-Hour Super Safari Extravaganza!

Craving an adventure that ignites your spirit and paints your memories with golden hues? Hurl yourself into the heart of the Hurghada desert on our action-packed, 7-hour Super Safari, a portal to the Sahara’s spellbinding secrets. Conquer dunes, embrace Bedouin traditions, and let the desert’s magic work its charm.

Super Safari in Hurghada – Details


  • 45 minutes driving the quad bike
  • 20 minutes driving spider cars
  • Then land cruiser will drive towards Bedouin village, 25 km per one way
  • We will sit down in the tent, shisha smoke, bedouin tea drink, fresh flatbread which the bedouin woman bakes for tourists to try eating.
  • the guide will explain a lot of information about the life of Bedouins, then we will walk to see the life there, and camel riding, horse ride, donkey ride, the sunset will see,
  • and will take our dinner, the oriental show will begin, dancing, Tanura show, another beautiful Oriental show,
  • Then Land Cruiser pick up back to the hotel
  • Back probably 19:30.

Embrace the Raw Beauty:

  • Roar through the sands: Buckle up for a 45-minute adrenaline rush on a powerful quad bike. Navigate wind-sculpted dunes, feel the desert wind whip through your hair, and soak in the boundless vistas as you conquer the endless terrain.
  • Ride like the nomads: Tame the sands atop a nimble spider car for a thrilling 20-minute adventure. Feel the playful machine dance over the dunes, its agile legs effortlessly conquering the shifting landscape.
  • Step into another era: Immerse yourself in a genuine Bedouin village, 25km deep in the desert’s embrace. Sip aromatic tea brewed over crackling flames, savor freshly baked bread, and lose yourself in stories whispered by time itself.

A Feast for the Senses:

  • Sunset splendor: Witness the desert blaze into a kaleidoscope of colors as the sun dips below the horizon, painting the sand dunes in fiery hues. Capture this breathtaking spectacle and etch it forever in your memory.
  • Culinary journey: Indulge in a mouthwatering open buffet dinner under the starlit sky. Relish traditional delicacies while vibrant costumes and captivating rhythms of an oriental show transport you to another era.

Beyond the Thrill:

  • Camel caravan: Glide through the sand on a graceful camel ride, experiencing the gentle sway of these noble creatures as they carry you through the timeless expanse.
  • Cultural treasures: Uncover the secrets of Bedouin life with your expert guide. Learn about their traditions, music, and their unique way of thriving in the harshest environment.

Why Choose This Desert Odyssey?

  • More than a tour, it’s an experience: This adventure goes beyond sightseeing, immersing you in the heart and soul of the desert.
  • Thrills for all ages: From quad biking adrenaline to sunset serenity, this safari caters to adventure seekers of all levels.
  • Authentic Bedouin encounter: Be welcomed into their village, savor their cuisine, and discover their captivating culture firsthand.
  • Memorable moments: From dune surfing to stargazing under the boundless sky, this escapade promises memories that will forever shimmer in your mind.

Book your Hurghada Super Safari today and let the desert unveil its enchanting secrets!


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Super safari in hurgada


 Please remember to bring:

  • Scarf
  • Sunglasses
  • Mineral water


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quad tour hurghada | Cheap Prices Quad Bike Safari Hurghada Trip
quad tour hurghada | Cheap Prices Quad Bike Safari Hurghada Trip


HOW TO BOOK Super Safari in Hurghada 7 Hours ?

1- Write to us (from home or from your hotel) a massage via:
Whatsapp: +201202905255
Viber: +201202905255
or call us:+201202905255
2- Only send to us hotel name , tour name, how many person and the day of the tour and recieve a confirmation of your booking immediately without prepayments.
3- Contact us another time on the day before the tour to know the exact pick up time from your hotel.
4- No prepayment required.
5- Payment is made in cash on the day of the tour.
6- Ordering a tour at least 1 day before the start of the tour.


  • Pick up & drop off
  • 45 minutes of Quad Bike riding
  • 20 minutes of Spider Car riding
  • 50 KM go and back to Bedouin village by Land cruiser
  • Sunset watching
  • Dinner & Oriental show ( fire show + Belly Dance )


  • Bedouin Tea + bottle of water
  • Open Buffet Dinner
  • Helmet
  • Jeep safari Toyota 4x4 WD
  • Professional quad-bike guide for your assistance
  • Professional Desert Safari tour guide
  • Bedouin Village Tou
  • goggles
  • CD and DVD
  • Scarf and sunglasses extra charge
  • Tippping



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