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Jeep Safari Hurghada tour + Dinner & Oriental Show

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English, Espanol, Francais, German, polish, Romanian, russian


Jeep Safari Hurghada tour

Jeep Safari Hurghada trip -Discover the Sahara on an exciting 7-hour jeep safari from Hurghada. Drive through the desert, visit a Bedouin village, and learn more about the culture of the desert inhabitants. Enjoy a camel ride, admire the beautiful sunset, and enjoy a BBQ dinner.

We arrange this trip every day

A jeep trip to the desert is a great family offer!

A child under 6 years old is free, 6-12 years old 50% of the cost of the excursion,

-Choose from over 50 offers of boat trips and historical Excursions in Hurghada


Jeep Safari Hurghada tour – Details


  • Transfer from the hotel to the Bedouin village by jeep
  • Visiting a Bedouin village, getting to know the way of life of the settlement
  • Trying bedouin bread
  • Riding camels
  • Dinner
  • Soft drinks
  • Oriental show program
  • Back to the hotel by jeep


  • Departure from hotels starts at 13:00, depending on the location of the hotel. Return by 18:30-19: 00.

An extra charge of 5€ per person for transfer from Makadi and Sahl Hasheesh and El Gouna hotels. and 10€ extra charge for hotel soma bay & Safaga

Jeep Safari Hurghada tour / What will bring?

  • comfortable clothes
  • comfortable shoes
  • A hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Money
  • Water
  • Photo equipment
  • Scarf

Jeep Safari Hurghada

price 25 $ per person.

 Safari Hurghada Trip prices for children :

  • From 6 years old to 10 years old = 50% Discount.
  • Over 10 years old is Adult.
  • From 1 year old to 5 years old is free

Safari Hurghada Egypt Tour Availability: Everyday.

Hurghada Safari tour Special price for Family And Group.

Reserve Now & Pay Later:

You can pay the costs of the trip during the time of the Safari Tour Hurghada to the Guide.


Things to do in Hurghada:

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HOW TO BOOK Jeep Safari Hurghada tour ?

1- Write to us (from home or from your hotel) a massage via:Whatsapp: +201202905255
Viber: +201202905255
or call us:+201202905255
2- Only send to us hotel name , tour name, how many person and the day of the tour and recieve a confirmation of your booking immediately without prepayments.
3- Contact us another time on the day before the tour to know the exact pick up time from your hotel.
4- No prepayment required.
5- Payment is made in cash on the day of the tour.
6- Ordering a tour at least 1 day before the start of the tour.

Check our quad tour hurghada Reviews Hurghada Travel Agency in Our Account Google map.

  booking sahara desert:

Booking Cheap Price Jeep Safari Hurghada tour from Makadi bay

Yes We have, Transfer by a 4x4WD Jeep car  to safari trip in the desert hurgada with an addition of 7 $ per person.

Booking Cheap Price Jeep Safari Hurghada tour Soma bay

Yes We have offer, Transfer by a 4x4WD Jeep car to safari trip in the desert hurgada with an addition of 10$ per person.

Booking Cheap Price  Super Mega ATV Quad Bike in Desert Safari EL Gouna

Yes We offer, Transfer by a 4x4WD Jeep car to safari trip in the desert hurgada  with an addition of 10$ per person.

Booking Cheap Price Super Mega ATV quad tour hurghada in Desert Safari  from Sahl Hasheesh

Yes We have Transfer by a 4x4WD Jeep car to safari trip in the desert hurgada with an addition of 7 $ per person.

Booking Cheap Price Super Jeep Safari Hurghada tour from Safaga

Yes We offer, Transfer by a 4x4WD Jeep car to safari trip in the desert hurgada  with an addition of 10 $ per person.

Desert Safari Egypt prices : 25$

Jeep Safari Hurghada trips

Bedouin Village

How is the life of the Bedouins in the desert?

Bedouins depend to determine directions in the desert by relying on the stars at night and the direction of the sun’s rays during the day. The Bedouins live a very difficult life as a result of wind and sand and the absence of dams, in addition to the constant movement from one place to another in search of a source of food and water.

The Bedouins depend on raising livestock, camels, goats and sheep to obtain milk and meat to prepare lunch and dinner meals by direct grilling over the fire.

What do Bedouins eat?

Bedouin bread consisting of milk and water is one of the daily food ingredients in addition to goat and sheep meat. There are some meals such as dumplings, cooking wheat grains, mixing them with sheets of saj bread, and making cheese from the milk of cattle and camels.

How are the homes of the Bedouins?

The Bedouins live in tents made of fabrics and wood with narrow spaces.

Camels are considered the only means of transportation for the Bedouin people and the source of food from milk, meat and leather for the manufacture of heavy clothing.

There are Bedouin tribes who use falcons to hunt birds and hares to feed and obtain meat and sometimes to communicate messages between the tribes.

 Bedouin culture and traditions

Each member of the tribe contributes to certain tasks, men do hunting, trade and protection, and women raise children and prepare food.

Only the people of the tribe marry, and marriages from outside the tribes are seldom.

The Bedouin man is distinguished for his hospitality, welcomes guests, and takes care of family unity.

What are the animals that live in the desert?

  • the turtle
  • Camel
  • Serpent
  • chameleon

Types of camels in Egypt?

  • camels Zubaidi camel breed
  • Camels of the Ashab breed
  • Al-Dailiya Al-Rashaidi camel
  • Dahasiriya camel


Jeep Safari Hurghada tour


About the Camel Market:

Many Egyptians and traders from all strata of society trade for safe and relatively cheap healthy meat especially after the spread of diseases such as bird flu to the Birgash Camel Market is the largest camel market in Egypt, 35 kilometers northwest of Cairo Egypt, on the edge of the Western Desert, exposing camels to diminishing In Cairo and the neighboring Egyptian governorates. Cairo is the Egyptian capital and the largest city in Egypt near the Egyptian desert and the Red Sea, as well as foreign tourists from all over the world. The world comes to this famous market, because they are keen to see the pharaonic monuments to see the largest gathering of camels (the ship of the desert).

 Is it worth your visit in Egypt ? How much is a camel worth?

The camel market in Egypt is held in the city of Cairo at dawn on Friday morning, where the camel market contains hundreds of camels that walked through the shifting sands from Libya, Sudan, Somalia and Aswan only until they end up transporting tourists to the pyramids or swinging in the desert of Egypt. Or take advantage of camel meat for feeding Cheap and useful.

The camels arrive at the Egyptian in herds that start their journey from (Omdurman) in Sudan, where Egypt imports about 90% of camels from Sudan, and the remaining 10% from Somalia. The camel caravan usually comes to the market, and includes a hundred teams of experts led by priests, and the journey begins from northern Sudan to travel about 1,500 km in the desert between Egypt and Sudan through the city of Marsa Alam, then Porto Ghalib and the city of Al-Qusair and then through the city of Safaga, Soma Bay and Makadi, and finally through Hurghada, which is closest to Cairo, and it lasts a whole month and follows the same road that he used.

Caravans through hundreds of years. They also said that they are guided by the stars by night and oases and trees by day. The camel trade is very profitable, because its price is very reasonable compared to the high prices of other meat, such as cows, buffaloes and sheep. Camel meat is healthy, safe and free from any diseases or epidemics like other types of meat.


Jeep Safari Hurghada
Jeep Safari Hurghada
Types of camels In the desert of Hurghada Egypt

Jeep Safari Hurghada

Types of camels In the desert of Hurghada Egypt

There are many types of camels, but the most famous of them is called (Al-Bashari), but there are other types such as: Al-Zamakli, Al-Nafi, etc. Its price ranges from 10,000 to 1,500 camels, depending on supply and demand. Camels have been used in several places in the world including the United States, where the idea of ​​President Jefferson came in 1855 when the military needed transportation between military centers in Texas and the Pacific coast, after President Jefferson studied the similarities between South and West America They were able to obtain congressional approval and imported about 300 camels from Egypt.

They did their job well until the American Civil War ended and the camels were replaced by railroads. Finally, do you know how much a camel is in Egypt?! A single camel can be bought for 200-400 USD at Birgash Market, but at the Pyramids of Giza it is an easy 30 minute ride and should not cost you more than at least 6 USD in theory.



Jeep Safari Hurghada tour


Quad Bike Safari Desert from Hurghada



Things to do in egypt hurghada

1- Coral Reef Snorkeling Trip: Orange Bay Hurghada

Orange Bay Hurghada island Included

✔ Guided day trip to Orange Bay Island
✔ Roundtrip transfers from your hotel in Hurghada by coach
✔ Boat ride
✔ Lunch
✔ Snorkeling gear
✔ Snorkeling guide
✔ Mineral water & soft drinks

✔2 hour layover at Orange Bay.

– Paradise Island Hurghada

What  paradise island Included:


  • Local guide Professional.
  • Transfer Pickup and drop-off from your Hotel.
  • All Taxes, Entrance fees And Handling Charges to paradise island hurghada.
  • Mineral water + Cola + Milk + Coffee/Tea.
  • 2 Snorkeling spots.
  • Snorkeling Equipment “Mask, Life Jact, Swimming Fins”.
  • 120min at paradise island.
  • buffet lunch on Boat.
  • Fresh fruits on boat.
  • Water Games.

Hurghada is known for its beautiful coral reefs and one of the best ways to experience them is on a snorkeling trip. Experience the colorful fish and diverse marine life that the Red Sea has to offer.

excursions in Hurghada Egypt in 2023

2- Ancient Egypt Sightseeing Tour: Take a tour to see some of the

Visit the most important sights of Ancient Egypt, like Excursion Hurghada cairo

 (. Visit the Great Pyramids of Giza. Explore the Chefren’s Valley Temple and see the huge statue of the Great Sphinx. Tour the Egyptian Museum, which houses more than 120,000 relics of the ancient Egypt. Admire the treasures of the child king Tutankhamun.)

 Cairo Trip from Hurghada – Details


  • Visit the  Pyramids of Giza .
  • Great Sphinx
  • Old Cairo, Bazaar
  • Horseback Riding & camel ride around the pyramids
  • Khan Al-Khalil
  • Visit Egyptian Museum.
  • Lunch.
  • Group guided Tour.
  • Hassle free.
  • No Hidden Costs.

Day Trip from luxor trip from hurghada by Bus – hurghada luxor tour the Valley of the Kings and the Karnak Temple Complex

luxor trip from hurghada highlights:

– . Visit  Valley of the Kings
–  . Visit Tutankhamun’s tomb
– . Visit Karnak Temple
– . Visit Statue of Memnon
– . Visit Luxor temple
– . Visit Hatshepsut Mortuary Temple
– Nile River cruise by felucca
– Transportation to and from the hotel:
– time from Luxor to Hurghada: 17  hours

3 – – Hurghada Diving – Enjoy for the best hurghada diving tour  for beginners and professionals in the red sea Egypt, accompanied by an experienced diving guide and two dives in two different locations for the most beautiful diving Sites in Hurghada Red Sea to explore the underwater world and more things to do in hurghada marine .

 Diving Trip Hurgada  include:

  • Transfer Pickup and drop-off from your Hotel.
  • Free Transportation From Your Hotel or Place of residence in Hurghada.
  • Dive Equipment.
  • 12L Tank and Lead Weight Belt.
  • Snorkeling Equipment “Mask, Life Jact, Swimming Fins”.
  • Local guide Professional.
  • VIP Lunch.
  • Water & Soft drinks.
  • Coffee, Tea.
  • Transportation from Makadi bay, El Gouna, Soma Bay or Sahl Hashish Extra 15 $ Per Car 2 ways.

Things to do in egypt hurghada in 2023

4 – Safari sahara hurghada : For a more exciting adventure, you can also do a quad tour in the desert. Explore the countryside on an off-road motorcycle and experience the breathtaking beauty of the desert up close.

What Super safari sahara hurghada Included:

Hurghada: Safai, Quad, Jeep, Buggy, Camel & BBQ

  • Transfer Pickup from your Hotel in Hurghada by 4x4WD Jeep car.
  • Local guide
  • Use of helmet.
  • 45 min Riding Quad biking.
  • 20 min Riding spider car.
  • Visiting a Bedouin village, getting to know the way of life of the settlement
  • Trying bedouin bread
  • Riding camels
  • BBQ Open Buffet Dinner
  • Soft drinks Mineral water / Bedouin Tea.
  • Back to your hotel in hurghada by jeep

5 – Dolphin House Hurghada tour–  is One of the best activities that you can do in Hurghada for families, honeymooners, families, children, couples and the elderly. It is to book an enjoyable sailing tour with a VIP tourist boat to House of Dolphin in the red sea

Dolphin House Hurghada tour – Details

–  Inclusions:

  • Transfer Pickup and drop-off from your Hotel in Hurghada.
  • Local snorkeling guide
  • Life jackets.
  • Snorkeling Equipment “Masks and Swimming Fins”.
  • Water sport stop 2 Snorkeling spots.
  • buffet lunch on Boat.
  • Fresh fruits on boat.
  • Mineral water + Cola + Milk + Coffee/Tea.
6- Royal Sea Scope Hurghada is the right choice for all underwater world lovers. Reserve your spot on time. We offer you quality and faster service. Your satisfaction comes first.

Royal sea scope hurghada Inclusions:

  • All transfersfrom and to your hotel -Air-conditioned vehicle;
  • soft drink
  • Entrance fees and Sumbarine ticket in hurghada
  • All Service charges & taxes
  • One  Snorkeling Stop for 40 minutes;
  • Life Jacket
  • Use of Snorkeling equipment;
  • Diver Show
  • Semi-Submarine
  • Snorkeling guide.

7- Dolphin Show Hurghada – 1-hour dolphin show with your whole family, and witness the intelligence and charm of these special animals. Get conveniently picked up and delivered back to your hotel in a comfortable, air-conditioned vehicle.

Dolphin Show Hurghada  HIGHLIGHTS

  • Get up close and personal with dolphins.
  • Witness their amazing intelligence and charm for yourself.
  • A good opportunity to swim with dolphins (If booked additional).
  • No Hidden Costs.
  • Hassle Free.

8-Hurghada Snorkeling Tour Sahl Hasheesh 

Sahl Hasheesh sea trip

hurghada snorkeling tour from Sahl Hasheesh -Explore the bay of  Sahl Hasheesh on a full-day tour with included transfers from Hurghada. Snorkel at 3 different locations in the Red Sea’s crystal clear waters. Relax on the sun deck and in the pool of a royal boat, and relish an open buffet lunch.

What is included  hurghada snorkeling tour program:

  • Transfer from the hotel at approximately 09.30 (we will inform you the exact time after booking);
  • Riding along the beach on well-groomed horses and a camel with a photo session for about an hour;
  • Moving to the alley of the pharaohs for a photo session at the entrance to the area for 30 minutes;
  • From 12:00 pm, rest on a private beach, snorkeling in the sunken city, a snack with drinks and snacks;
  • Further program is indicated below.

9-Sharm El Naga Snorkeling Egypt

Sharm El Naga SnorkelingEgypt Excursion – the snorkeling paradise with house reef and wonderful beach

Sharm el Naga is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Egypt and is located in the south ofHurghadain a beautiful bay with house reef. The coral reef is one of the most spectacular treasures of the Red Sea and can be reached from the shore.

Sharm El Naga is a beautiful bay located about 45 km from Hurghada near Soma Bay. A beach with house reef and crystal clear water that leaves nothing to be desired – and gives you the feeling of having discovered the literal paradise on earth.


  • Transfer from your hotel in high-quality, air-conditioned vehicles
  • Snorkel rental equipment
  • Travel companion
  • Lunch

10--Sea trip on a private yacht

hurghada boat trips -Sea trip on a private yacht- Relax with a Private Tour, Customized Just for You. Island, Sunset trip, Snorkeling, Fishing

Diftun Island Hurghada Boat trips / We organize excursions daily from 08:30 to 16:00.

What is included in the price/

Transfer picks up from the hotel in Hurghada and brings back after the tour.
In the sea, equipment for snorkeling and fishing is issued.
The price includes lunch and soft drinks.

11- EL Gouna Boat Trip

Activities in gouna Boat Trip /Working days / Everyday

What is included El gouna excursions :

  • transfers from/to your hotel in high-class vehicles with A/C
  • trip by boat with stops for snorkeling and fishing
  • City Tour by Boat in El Gouna&Submarine Tour
  • snorkeling and fishing equipment&Water Sports
  • guide assistance
  • lunch aboard the boat
  • mineral water and soft drinks

12- Horse Riding Hurghada Trip 2 hours (desert and beach)

    • Private transportation
    • Bottled water
    • Coffee and/or Tea ( or cola etc.)
    • Helmet
    • 2 hours horse riding in Desert & the beach
    • Private professional trainer

Excursions in Hurghada Egypt in 2023

13- Parasailing Hurghada

Enjoy an exceptional vacation in Hurghada with parasailing, where a parachute is attached speedboat, one or two persons may ride at the same time, with an attractive view of this stunning location.

  • 10 minutes of fun with parasailing
  • All transfers in a comfortable and air-conditioned vehicle.
  • All services and local taxes

14- Hurghada fishing Trip In red sea


  • Enjoy a fishing trip with your partner or group.
  • Sunbathe in the Red Sea deck.
  • Stop twice at great spots to fish.
  • Eat what you can catch
  • Catch delicious fishes that you can take back to the shore
  • Enjoy a free buffet lunch on board.

15- Hurghada Grand Aquarium Trip


Ticket includes entry to aquarium,zoo,rain forest,rope bridge, shark feeding show and wadi al hitan museum.

  • Hotel pick-up and drop off service from/to Hotel in Hurghada.
  • Air-conditioned vehicle.
  • Admission to Hurghada Grand Aquarium.
  • Admission to the zoo.
  • All service charges and taxes.

16- Hurghada Jungle Aqua park

What’s Included Jungle aqua Park Tours:

  • comfortable transfer from/to your hotel in hurghada by air-conditioned vehicle
  • aqua park ticket and fees
  • English speaking escort assistance
  •  lunch and soft drinks
  •  service charges and taxes included in the price

17-Mini Egypt Park in Hurghada


  • Air-Conditioned Vehicle ( Pick Up & Drop Off )
  • Discover 55 of Egypt’s most famous landmarks—all in miniature
  • Best easy trip for families
  • Super designs of the main highlights in Egypt
  • Mini Egypt Park
  • Professional Guide

18- Excursion from hurghada – VIP all in one


  • Roundtrip transfer in air-conditioned coach
  • Boat trip to the open sea to the house of dolphins
  • Swim with mask and flippers at the dolphin house
  • Guide-Instructor will give a diving briefing
  • One scuba dive for almost 15 minutes to a depth of 7-9 meters
  • Enjoy the beauty of the seabed of the Red Sea
  • Snorkel and fins near the karalls to enjoy the beauty of the Red Sea
  • See with your own eyes the picturesque coral gardens
  • fishing
  • Massage for almost 15 minutes
  • lunch and soft drinks

19- hurghada to aswan private bus

– Pick up service from your hotel in Hurghada and return
– Egyptologist tour guide during the tour
– Entrance fees to the mentioned historical places
-All transfers by a modern air-conditioned vehicle
– Train tickets from Luxor to Aswan and return
-Mineral water on board your vehicle
– One Night accommodation in Aswan at 5* Hotel
2 Lunch meals in Aswan
– All Service Charges and Taxes

Excursions in Hurghada Egypt in 2023

20- Hurghada luxor trip – LUXOR TWO DAYS 


  • Pickup & Drop Off ( Big Bus )
  • Historical Professional Guide
  • Karnak Temple
  • Valley Of The Kings
  • The Trip By River Nile ( Just Crossing From East To West )
  • Colossal Memnon
  • Hatshepsut Temple
  • Lunch
  • Hotel In Luxor
  • Hot Air Balloon
  • Visiting Alabaster Factory
  • Free Walking Luxor Market With Our Guide.


Jeep Safari Hurghada


  • Transfer from the hotel to the Bedouin village by jeep
  • Visiting a Bedouin village, getting to know the way of life of the settlement
  • Trying bedouin bread
  • Riding camels
  • Dinner
  • Soft drinks
  • Oriental show program
  • Back to the hotel by jeep

Bulk discount (by Percent)

Bulk discount children
# Discount group From adult To adult Value
1 6 12 %
2 6 12 50%

What you will do

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Jeep Safari

Unveil the Enchantment of the Sahara: Hurghada's 7-Hour Jeep Safari Odyssey

Crave an adventure that ignites your spirit and paints your memories with golden hues? Then embark on our unparalleled 7-hour Jeep Safari, a portal to the spellbinding secrets of the Hurghada Sahara. Traverse sun-baked dunes, immerse yourself in ancient Bedouin traditions, and let the desert's magic work its charm.

Embrace the Rugged Romance:

  • Roar through the sands: Conquer rolling dunes and navigate wind-carved valleys in a 4x4 jeep, the desert wind whipping through your hair as you revel in the raw beauty of the Sahara.
  • Step into another era: Enter a traditional Bedouin village, untouched by the bustle of modern life. Witness their captivating way of life, sip aromatic tea brewed over crackling flames, and savor freshly baked bread, warmed by the desert sun.
  • Embrace the rhythm of the sands: Glide gently on a camel ride, their rhythmic stride transporting you through the timeless expanse of the desert. Capture breathtaking sunset vistas, painted in fiery hues as the day surrenders to twilight.

Feast under the Starry Canopy:

  • Indulge in a desert feast: As the first stars glimmer amidst the inky sky, a mouthwatering BBQ dinner awaits. Relish traditional delicacies under the celestial vault, the crackling fire painting fleeting shadows on the sand.
  • A mesmerizing spectacle: Let the vibrant costumes and pulsating rhythms of an oriental show transport you to another era. Be captivated by captivating dances and lose yourself in the tapestry of tradition under the twinkling night sky.

Beyond the Adventure:

  • Soft drinks: Quench your thirst and keep your energy high with refreshing beverages throughout the journey.

Why Choose This Desert Odyssey?

  • Unforgettable Experiences: More than just a tour, this is a journey into the heart of the Sahara, where ancient traditions interweave with breathtaking landscapes.
  • Family Adventure: Suitable for all ages, this jeep safari offers a chance to create lasting memories together, filled with laughter, wonder, and a touch of desert magic.
  • Authentic Bedouin Encounter: Immerse yourself in their welcoming culture, savor their culinary delights, and discover their unique way of life.
  • Exhilaration and Tranquility: From the adrenaline rush of dune bashing to the peaceful serenity of the starry night, this adventure offers a perfect balance of thrills and relaxation.

Book your Hurghada Jeep Safari today and let the Sahara unveil its enchanting secrets!


  • Pick up & drop off
  • Professional speaking guide
  • Dinner
  • Soft drinks
  • Oriental Show program
  • Bedouin Tea
  • Riding camels
  • DVD & CD
  • Scarf
  • Sunglasses
  • goggles
  • Round Trip Transfer from (Makadi, Sahel Hashish, El Gouna, ) Hotels extra charge 5 € per person.
  • Round Trip Transfer from (Safaga, Soma Bay) Hotels extra charge 10 € per person.


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