Snorkeling in Hurghada – the best snorkeling place in Hurghada Red Sea

Hurghada is a popular destination for snorkeling, with many reefs and marine life to explore. Some popular snorkeling sites include the Giftun Island, Abu Ramada Island, and Mahmya Island. It’s recommended to book a snorkeling trip with a reputable tour operator to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. It’s also important to be mindful of the coral and marine life and practice responsible snorkeling to preserve the delicate ecosystem

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In this article, we will learn about the best snorkeling place in Hurghada, the Red Sea, the best times to practice diving, as well as the most important cruises in Hurghada –best snorkeling in hurghada-best hotel for snorkeling in makadi bay


reefs in Egypt

coral reef in hurghada/hotels in hurghada with coral reef/1s the snorkelling good in Hurghada?Where is the best snorkeling in Hurghada?

Coral reefs of the Red Sea are over 5000 years old, with the coastal reef complex extending along some 2,000 km of shoreline (This includes Egypt, Sudan and Saudi Arabia). Usually, these reefs grow directly from the shoreline. However, especially near Hurghada, numerous offshore reefs can be found. Generally, the reefs are healthy and living, provided that measures are taken to protect them. The most popular dive sites are in Eilat (Israel), Aqaba (Jordan), Taba and Dahab (Egypt).

Hurghada was once a small fishing village. But it is now a crowded tourist city with big hotels on the shore of the Red Sea such as Albatros Hotels, Hilton Hotels, Desert Rose and more trips are possible./best snorkeling place in Hurghada

snorkeling in Hurghada - the best snorkeling place in Hurghada Red Sea/best snorkeling place in Hurghada
How to picture wonderful things under the waters of the Red Sea in Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh / Tips for underwater photography when diving in Egypt

Snorkeling in Hurghada in the Red Sea offers tourists a variety of underwater locations to choose from.
Snorkeling in Hurghada offers many offshore reef sites, from small islands to underwater spikes. Horchata’s tourist attractions also extend along the coast to quieter bays. So, if the bustle of the city is not for you. It is easy to find a quiet option that is still close to the amenities of the city.

Marine life in Hurghada
A snorkeling trip in Hurghada allows you to get acquainted with the special marine life of the Red Sea Riviera in incredibly clear waters. The diving sites in Egypt are world-famous for their visibility, which can reach 70 meters in some places.

The desert coast of the country and deserted islands are completely different from the underwater landscape. Which is bursting with diversity and richness of colorful creatures and terrain.
The reefs in Hurghada are usually shallow and sloping, suitable for beginners to dive. All the inhabitants of the coral reefs, a favorite of divers, can be found in the waters of Hurghada. Parrotfish, spearfish, butterfly, clownfish (nemo), puffer fish, sweet-lipped fish, colorful head fish, moray, yellow mink, and turtle. As a bonus, we often see dolphins between the coast and Hurghada dive sites.


snorkeling in Hurghada - the best snorkeling place in Hurghada Red Sea
snorkeling in Hurghada – the best snorkeling place in Hurghada Red Sea

 The best snorkeling place in Hurghada / best diving spots in Hurghada/hotels in hurghada with coral reef

Diving in the Red Sea – Protected Island / Giftun and Pardis Island, as well as Maldives Orange Bay /
Utopia Island/The aptly named island is paradise. Hop on a boat from Safaga and admire the huge coral peaks where fish and corals of various colors live. Snorkel among red-billed groupers, bright yellow angel fish, and fluorescent sea urchins, to name a few. You can explore these coral gardens for hours on end.

Diving in the Red Sea – Giftun Island
Go to the paradise island of Giftun and enjoy its depths under the water. From the stunning sea fish lanes and shipwrecks of Salem Highway to picturesque reef gardens, man-made royal gardens and synchronized schools of barracudas, it’s all here. Abu Hashish Island is a wonderland of turtles, rays and black hairs. Dive into the oval panoramic barrier and swim with groups of spiny-tailed dolphins, turtles and white-headed sharks. There is also Gota Abu Ramada, which robbed the marine photographer of elegance: due to the clear, flat waters, moving marine life can be easily captured by the camera.

Marsa Alam: For deep diving in the southern sites
Experienced divers have always considered Marsa Alam to be one of the best diving bases in the Red Sea. Thanks to being the closest city to Egypt’s « far south » dive sites (such as Fury Shoals).

So Marsa Alam has developed into a beach resort area, and now has several large five-star resorts, as well as simple beach camps that focus on snorkeling.

So, if you are a snorkeling novice and looking for beach resorts and diving holidays, it is best to head to Sharm El Sheikh or El Gouna. However, if you are an experienced diver, Marsa Alam may be your next favorite destination for diving in the Red Sea.

Best time to dive in Hurghada

Diving is possible in Hurghada all year round. In Egypt, the main seasonal variations are related to the water temperature. It can drop to 20/21°C in winter and reach 27-28°C in summer. However, as a diver, you will always be on the surface of the ocean, which is the hottest place next to the sun.

If you are concerned about the cold, please consider wearing a wetsuit on vacation. It’s also easy to buy or rent wetsuits in Egypt (and smaller), once you ask your travel agency for the latest information on water conditions.

Please note that some people recommend avoiding the hottest hours. General (July and August). If you are someone who doesn’t enjoy sweating or prone to heat stroke, May to June (spring) or September to November (fall) is the best time to visit.

Hurghada: for snorkeling within walking distance of Luxor

The coast surrounding Hurghada is Egypt’s original destination for diving in the Red Sea. Its popularity and overexploitation have caused massive damage to diving sites for decades.

It is known for its luxury hotels and all-inclusive resorts. Not that divers now need to get away completely. Because this is the closest base to many locations in the Cuba Strait on the Red Sea.

However, it is better to book a cruise from here, rather than staying at the resort and going snorkeling to the nearest reef. Which is often the most damaged and crowded.

For divers who want to combine diving with the rich historical sites of Luxor. Hurghada, El Gouna Resort, Makadi Bay Resort, Sahl Hasheesh, and of course Soma Bay and Safaga remain the closest and easiest option for a day trip to Luxor.

best hotel for snorkeling in makadi bay

Can you snorkel in Makadi Bay?
Fort Arabesque Resort is located on the northern shore of Makadi Bay, near Hurghada. Its coral reef, very healthy in some places, offers beautiful snorkeling sessions. By exploring the “mini reefs” facing the beach, you will come across a myriad of colorful fish and invertebrates, in a shimmering underwater landscape.

best snorkeling hotel in hurghada/best resort in egypt for snorkeling

Coral Beach resort

Coral Beach, as the name suggest, has it’s own reef and is located in Sahl Hasheesh, around 10 minutes drive from Hurghada. This might be a good choice for people interested in visiting Hurghada city center for shopping. Some species seen on the reef include octopus, giant turtles, stingrays, moray eel and others. The reef is very beautiful, too.

Serenity Beach Makadi

Serenity beach, located next to Grand Makadi, has been recommended by snorkeling lovers as a good place to look for colorful corals and fish. The hotel has a pier to reach the reef, although it is very old and not so comfortable, as the ladders are narrow. Serenity Beach Hotel has a fringing reef along the coast, most of the corals are alive and with great bio diversity. Species, like moray eel and sea turtle can be spotted there, if you are lucky.

Snorkeling dangers

Unlike common myths suggest, Hurghada doesn’t have a huge shark problem (compared to Sharm el Sheikh). This is mainly due to the reefs located off shore, protecting Hurghada’s coast and preventing the sharks from approaching the shores. Also, there is more tidal conditions and this tends to deter sharks from coming close. It is highly recommended to wear reef shoes or fins. Lion Fish and Scorpion fish will never approach you on their own, but you may step on one by accident and end up in a hospital. Same goes for sea urchins – there are lots of them on the reefs.

Stone fish tend to be found close to the shore and can kill you if you step on them. No need to worry though – they usually sit on the sand and will not bother you unless you bother them.

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Coral Reef Snorkeling Trip: Orange Bay Hurghada

Paradise Island Hurghada


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