Comparison between Orange Bay Island and Hurghada Paradise Island , which is the best island and the best cruise in Hurghada in terms of beach, coral reefs and diving in the Red Sea

What is the best beach / beach of Orange Bay Island or Paradise Island beach in Giftun Hurghada Egypt and what is the best snorkeling trip on yachts to spend an enjoyable time through the experiences of tourists.

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A real and realistic comparison between Orange Island and Paradise Island in Giftun Hurghada, through the experience of more than 12 years and the experiences of tourists and visitors to the tourist city of Hurghada.

Through the article, you will know what is the difference between Orange Bay and Paradise? Which one is right for you and we’ll go over the pros and cons of each beach and Snorkeling boat trip to make the right decision.

Giftun Island has 4 beaches. Each beach is privately owned by investment institutions working in the field of tourism, and each beach has its own name for the company, which is «Orange Bay 20 $ ,  Paradise  20$ Island, Mahmya Island Hurghada 65 $, and Odin Beach».

Orange Bay Island vs Paradise Island

Common points between Orange Bay Island and Paradise Island:
The program of the snorkeling trip to Orange Island is the same as the Paradise Beach trip program and includes transportation from the hotel and back, two diving and snorkeling stations in Hurghada to swim with the Red Sea fish and watch coral reefs in the Red Sea and underwater marine creatures, lunch on the boat and free drinks throughout the trip, and then at the end of the trip water games.
The two beaches are located on the same Giftun Island in the tourist city of Hurghada in the Red Sea, Egypt.
Paradise Island Beach is adjacent to Reserve Beach and Reserve Beach, while Orange Bay Beach is located on the eastern side of the island and is independent.

Why is Orange Bay Island Beach Better Than Hurghada Paradise Island

Orange Bay Beach is one of the best beaches at the level of the Red Sea in Egypt, like the beaches of the Maldives, and is suitable for honeymooning couples and families who are looking for safety and security for children and the elderly, and here are the reasons.

The Cons of Orange Island Beach.

— The maximum time to enjoy Orange Bay Beach is 120 minutes, and sometimes Hurghada tourism agencies book only 60-90 minutes for tourists and their groups.
— Not providing private places for families that give them privacy.
— Discrimination in ticket prices between Egyptians and foreigners.

— Features of Paradise Island Beach on Giftun Hurghada:

The presence of unique and distinctive entertainment, including models on the beach, to take souvenir photos.
Having a private family umbrella made of palm sticks for a small space of no more than 4 people, with separate privacy from those around you on the beach.
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Cons of Paradise Island Beach in Giftun Islands:

— The boardwalk leading to the beach is made of plastic that is not fixed to the water, putting your life at risk.
— The level of the sofa under the canopies is very poor.
— The beach crowded in large numbers that exceeded the permissible and appropriate number of umbrellas.
— The beach area is very small and does not give you freedom to walk.
— The presence of large rocks on the beach and inside the water, which causes dangers and exposure to danger when swimming.
— Wooden boats are small in size.

How do I get and book TOUR  to Orange Bay Island or Hurghada Paradise Island

— You can book online through our website «Hurghada Orange Bay Island Tour, Hurghada Paradise Island Tour» or Hurghada Dolphin House Tour, pay at the time of the boat trip and provide high quality services, ranging from air-conditioned transfers, professional teamwork, luxury sea yachts and food on Board the boat and water games.
— You can book through your hotel or your tour agent, but the prices are more expensive at the tour agent, as well as offices and shops on the streets, which provide a poor level of service and do not care about tourists and follow up with them even after the trip ends.
— If your hotel is in Makadi Bay, you can book «Paradise Island from Makadi Bay, Dolphin House from Makadi Bay, Orange Bay from Makadi Bay, Yacht Charter from Makadi Bay, Private Speedboat from Makadi Bay»

Orange Bay Island vs Paradise Island

— If your hotel is in Soma Bay, you can book “Paradise Island from Soma Bay, Dolphin House Tour from Soma Bay, Orange Bay Island from Soma Bay, Yacht Charter from Soma Bay, Private Boat Rental from Soma Bay”
— If your hotel is in El Gouna, you can book “Paradise Island from El Gouna, Swim with Dolphins from El Gouna, Orange Bay from El Gouna, Yacht Charter from El Gouna, Private Speed ​​Boats from El Gouna”
—  your hotel is in Sahl Hasheesh, you can book «Paradise Island from Sahl Hasheesh, Swim with Dolphins from Sahl Hasheesh, Orange Bay from Sahl Hasheesh, Yacht Charter from Sahl Hasheesh, Private Fast Boats from Sahl Hasheesh»
Can I visit Orange Island and Paradise Island together on the same day
Yes, you can book a private boat trip in Hurghada or rent a speedboat in Hurghada and move between the beaches and then stop twice or dive under water to see the rare Red Sea fish and the wonderful colorful coral reefs.

  • The duration on the island is 120 minutes, and Orange Bay Island offers up to 4 hours of fun on the beach and don’t forget to know the diving conditions and how to dive safely.
  •  —   What is the time between Hurghada and Giftun Islands

Duration = 25 minutes when renting a private speedboat. Speed ​​boats are available from 1 to 8 people.

Duration = 40 minutes when chartering a private sea yacht. There are premium sea yachts from 9 to 50 people.

Duration = 55 minutes when booking a cruise with a group departing daily on a large premium yacht.

How much does a trip to Orange Bay Island cost in Giftun

The price of sea boat trips to Orange Bay Beach Island in Giftun Hurghada starts from $ 20to $ 35 and the price varies according to the distance between the hotel from Hurghada, El Gouna, Sahl Hasheesh, Makadi Bay, Soma Bay and. The location of the marine yacht departure from the marina in addition to the provision of a minibus for group or private collection in addition to the services, activities and sports, the size of the boat and the level of service provided.

How much does a trip to Hurghada Paradise Island in Giftun cost

The price of sea boat trips to Paradise Beach Island in Giftun, Hurghada starts from $20 to $30.

The price varies according to the distance between the hotel and the departure point of the sea yacht from the marina, in addition to providing a shared or private transfer, in addition to the services and activities, the size of the boat and the level of service provided.

Important tips before boat trips to Paradise Island and Orange Bay Island:
You can check how to avoid atta shark

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Hurghada Paradise Island
Hurghada Paradise Island