1-Comfort footwear As you can see, Egypt has a lot to see and discover; from the pyramids of Giza, the Egyptian museum, the citadel, to Luxor and Karnak temples, the Horus temple colossi of Memnon, Alexandria’s great library, to Siwa oasis, and many many more.

2-Headwear Due to the great weather and the blessing of “Amun-Ra”, the solar creator god by the pharaohs, Egypt is sunny most of the time. We can consider “most of the time” as the whole year. So to keep the sun as a blessing and transfer it to harm, you’ll need headwear; such as a hat, cap, or even a “veil” to protect your head from the sun. “May Amun-Ra always send us his blessing, Ameen.”

3-Swimwear In Egypt, you can swim in almost all your destinations and accommodation places; so if you’re staying in Cairo, you can swim in your hotel with a beautiful view of either the pyramids, the Nile, or even the wonderful streets of Cairo from above. You can also swim in one of the two seas Egypt has, the Mediterranean or the Red Sea, or even in one of the natural small lakes or springs in Siwa, Bahareya, or Farafra oases.

4-Sunglasses To maximize your protection from the sun and the enjoyment of your trip, you may need sunglasses. This varies from one person to another, but we suggest that you bring yours, in case Amun-Ra sends us more blessings.

5-Camera Since you’ll see a lot of new things and discover a lot in Egypt. you’ll need to bring a camera with you to capture your unforgettable enjoyable moments, and to record the history and ancient worlds you’ll walk through. You may also like to take some photos of Egypt’s beautiful nature; the desert, the green banks of the River Nile, or even the light of the city.

6-Light jacket or sweater If you’re coming to Egypt in winter, you may need a light jacket or sweater, as in the early mornings or late nights, Egypt has a lovely breeze that may be cold for some and refreshing for others. So you can choose which side you want to be on.

7-Small hand baggage We personally believe that your itinerary is full of visits and very busy, so we suggest that you bring a small backpack, shoulder bag, or even a waist bag to put all the things you need during the tours in it, such as the camera, sunglasses, maybe a pen and paper, sunblock cream, etc., and be able to walk free-handed to enjoy it the most.

8-Your diary A trip to Egypt will have a lot of very beautiful memories with a lot of details. If you have your own diary, this will be one of the most exciting parts of it. You can write in your diary after every busy day and relax in bed right before sleeping.

9-Your smile This is the factor that really matters. Keep all your stress and your worries down there where you left them and travel with a BIG FAT SMILE that never goes away to enjoy a stress-free, enjoyable trip. Our job is that you leave Egypt with the same big fat smile on your face or even a bigger one. 

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